103: Nicole Lapin: Becoming Super Woman
102: Paul Tough: The Years That Matter Most
101: Ryan Noel Fraser: Overcoming the Blues
100: Bianca Olthoff: How to Have Your Life Not Suck
99: We talked about Berberine as a supplement. Get it here.
98: Sean Castrina: 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Start-Up Success
97: Lindsay Teague Moreno: Boss Up!
96: Dr. Stanley Robertson: Quit: The Last Principle of Success
95: Stephanie Mann: Empowerment Parenting
94: Heather Avis: Scoot Over and Make Some Room
Books recommeded by Heather: Becoming Human by Jean Vanier & I'm Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
93: Dr. William Li: Eat to Beat Disease
92: Dr. Craig Dowden: Do Good to Lead Well
91: Karen Ehman: Keep Showing Up
90: Esther Wojcicki: How To Raise Successful People
89: Michael Hyatt: Free to Focus
88: Ryan Hall: Run For The Mile You're In
87: Dr. Chris Kelly and Dr. Marc Eisenberg: Am I Dying: A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms--and What To Do Next
86: Arman Assadi: The EVO Planner
85: Jordan Dooley: Own Your Everyday
84: Gary John Bishop: Stop Doing That S--- & Unf--- Yourself

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