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Would you believe that climbing up the career ladder could be as easy as breaking a few rules? Here are the top workplace rules that experts say you should break, if you want a raise or promotion:

  • Workplace rule #1 to break: Avoiding awkward situations. Adam Bryant is the author of “The Corner Office.” And he says that when workers avoid uncomfortable conversations with fellow employees, their productivity drops and stress shoots up. The fix: Next time you have a tough run-in with a colleague, mention it to them. For example, say something like, "We had a little bit of tension on our last team project. What can I do to make our working relationship better?" That’ll show your boss you’re a team player and can work with any personality.

  • Another work rule to break: Living at the office. A lot of people think that camping out at the office 24/7 shows what a hard worker they are. But experts say that what you do off the clock is just as important as what you do on it. Because studies show that taking time out for hobbies makes you happier and boosts creativity, which will make you a better overall employee.

  • And finally, stop networking at cocktail parties. Career experts say getting a stack of business cards at a mixer won’t magically get you a job. Instead, the key is developing relationships. And the best way to do that in 2013 is to skip the cocktail party, and hop online, and follow people in your industry on Twitter. Then, retweet their messages, or tweet them your thoughts on industry-related news. After a few weeks of building up an online rapport, you can suggest an in-person coffee meeting, where you'll connect in a more personal way that can lead to a new opportunity.

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