Studies show that we become more confident, tolerant, and relaxed – even more secure with ourselves as we enter our 40s, 50s and beyond. But humans aren’t the only ones to get better with age. Here are a few other things – courtesy of Woman’s World magazine:

•    First – wine. Everyone knows that wine gets better the longer it sits in the bottle. But here’s why: A young wine is usually fruity and easier to drink. But as it ages, it goes through a series of chemical changes that allow more subtle flavors to come through – like oak or apples. To make your wine last longer: Store the bottles on their side. That keeps the cork moist, preventing oxygen from creeping in and altering the flavor.

•    On to trees. Scientists say they get better with age because older trees give off more oxygen than younger ones – and are better at ridding the air of carbon dioxide. And mature trees can add a full 10% to your home’s property value. That’s according to the USDA Forest Service. To make your trees last longer, use fertilizer on them every two to three years.    

•    One last thing that gets better with age: Jewelry. God only made so many precious, natural stones and metals. There’s a limited number. And metals like gold, silver and platinum increase in value. For instance, gold has tripled in value over the last few years. So make your jewelry last longer, wrap it in tissue paper before storing it in a jewelry box. One of the top ways gems get scratched is by rubbing against each other.