Studies show that 10 percent of emergency room visits could be avoided if people didn't react when they were angry - by driving crazy or doing other dangerous things. In fact, people who are simply irritated raise their risk of injury 30 percent. But people who raise the bar to **_hostile** are twice as likely to get hurt as people who feel calm.____So, here's an exercise to help you keep your anger in check. It comes from the book _In Control, by Dr. Redford Williams. I'll walk you through the exercise now, step by step.

First, sit in a chair and close your eyes. Picture a stop sign. Then take 3 deep breaths, and as you exhale and say, "Relax."Step 2: Clench your fists while you inhale, and relax them as you exhale. Do that 5 times, then switch to clenching and unclenching your toes.Relaxing step #3: Crunch your shoulders up around your ears when you inhale, then relax them completely when you exhale.Finally, inhale while you tilt your head to the right, then exhale as you straighten up. Repeat to the left. That exercise stifles stress hormones, and brings your brain back to an alpha wave state, which is calmer and less likely to react in anger.I know it's complicated, but don't worry. We'll post the whole exercise for you at Use it the next time the boss yells at you, the kids drive you crazy, or you just had a big blowout with your spouse and let me know if it helps: 866-865-TESH.__