What are a lot of twentysomethings petrified of these days? A couple of wrinkles!  Millennials today are so spooked about getting older that they’re shelling out thousands of dollars on anti-aging procedures, like wrinkle-fighting Botox injections, that’ll give them smooth skin, hopefully for a lifetime.

And some young people are spending thousands on mini non-surgical facelifts! It’s a treatment called ‘thermage’ – where radio waves heat the skin, boosting collagen production. It leaves the skin smoother and tighter – but the treatment is REALLY designed for 50-year-olds!

So, why are so many twenty-somethings hooked on anti-aging procedures? Experts say it’s a result of today’s youth-obsessed culture. Where young celebrities readily admit to getting Botox, and other cosmetic procedures, in an effort to retain their youthful good looks – like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan. And non-celebrity women feel pressure to look celebrity perfect – because all these treatments are available at medi-spas across the country.

And the spas encourage young women to start early saying 25 is the ideal age to start Botox – before even one wrinkle shows up. But all that preventative maintenance could backfire. In fact, Botox can cause more wrinkles! Botox freezes the muscles in the injection site so your skin in that area can’t wrinkle. The problem is, the skin around those muscles have to work harder to move, which causes new wrinkles to form. And over time, Botox doesn’t work as well as it does in the beginning.  So by the time a woman may actually have wrinkles, it may stop working. Plus, the frozen muscles can atrophy over time – which can result in an aged appearance.

So don’t Botox before your time. The best way to age gracefully is to stay out of the sun, don’t smoke, eat a healthy diet and get plenty of sleep.