Is it worth the commitment it takes to become an Eagle Scout? Researchers at Baylor University say yes! Researchers surveyed thousands of adult males. Some of them were Eagle Scouts, some had been boy scouts, but didn’t achieve the Eagle Scout rank, and others never joined up. Here are the results:

  • First, Eagle Scouts were better prepared for an emergency. They were the most likely of the 3 groups to have maintained their CPR certifications, have a disaster supply kit in their home, and have an emergency plan for their families.

  • The study also showed that Eagle Scouts tend to be more active. Not surprisingly, they were the hands-down winners when it came to outdoor activities. But they also were more likely to attend cultural events, like live theatre and the symphony.

  • Okay, so what about community involvement? When it came to donating to charity, Eagle Scouts lead the pack. They also spent 60% more time volunteering than the non-scouts. And while the researchers found that Eagle Scouts are more likely to vote, they also noted that Eagle Scouts are good at earning votes as well. Eagle Scouts include former President Gerald Ford, and tons of Governors and Congressmen. 

  • Finally: You’re lucky if an Eagle Scout lives next door. That’s because they tend to spend more time talking to their neighbors than people with no scouting experience. And 80% of Eagle Scouts reported being regular contributors to projects that improved conditions in their neighborhoods, like community gardens.