I’m here to explain some of the weird things that happen when you work out. 

  • Like, why do your teeth feel extra slimy after a workout? It’s a normal reaction to physical exertion. It causes the watery secretions in your saliva glands to lessen, so your saliva is thicker. Plus if you’re breathing through your mouth, your saliva will get thicker too. If it bothers you, sip water during your workout. 

  • Here’s something you may wonder during your workout: Why don’t you smell after exercising, but if you’re nervous and you sweat, you stink? It’s normal and here’s why. Emotion-related sweat comes from different glands. When it comes out, it’s odorless, but as the day wears on, it goes through a bacterial decomposition, which makes it stink. It goes back to ancient times when body odor signaled fear. You’ve heard people say, you can “smell fear?” On the other hand, exercise-related sweat is intended to cool the body, and the glands that produce it secrete sterile, scent-free sweat. 

  • One last workout conundrum: Why do you fart in yoga class? It’s normal, and some yoga poses make it almost impossible not to! Things like the yoga squat and the “wind-releasing pose” are intended to relieve constipation, bloating and gas.