Prediction: After reading this, you’ll take a closer look at your car’s tires. That’s because a new study found that underinflated tires are responsible for a growing number of dangerous car crashes.

Researchers studied thousands of car accidents, and found that 1 in 20 crashes are caused by under-inflated tires. In fact, if your tires are low, they’re three times more likely to trigger an accident.

So, why are low tires the bad guy? Safety experts say that they reduce your vehicle’s stability, making it significantly more difficult for you to maintain control behind the wheel. Especially in bad weather or during emergency moves, like swerving to avoid debris in the road.

The fix: Check your tire pressure starting today. Your owner’s manual will say how much air they should contain, and if they’re 25-percent lower than they should be, fill ‘em up!

In fact, safety experts suggest that you constantly check your tires, even if you think they’re fine. That’s because even though a lot of vehicles have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system to alert you about low tires. The system often gives false alerts, and it doesn’t show which tire is low.