Ladies, walking around with your handbag is like walking around with a toilet draped over your shoulder. That’s because a new study found that most handbags are more contaminated than the average toilet seat. 

Researchers swabbed hundreds of handbags, both inside and out, and discovered that 1 in 5 contained high amounts of dangerous bacteria, roughly the same amount as a typical toilet seat. And you can easily get sick if you touch the contaminated handbag, and then your face or mouth.

So, what’s the dirtiest item inside handbags? It’s hand cream. Followed by lipstick and mascara. All of which pick up germs from your hands, which thrive in the moist environment.

So, ladies, researchers suggest tossing makeup that you carry in your bag every few months. Also, clean your bag with antibacterial wipes at least once a week to cut down on germs. And be careful if your bag is leather. The tests found that leather handbags are the most germ-packed, since the porous texture is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.