Need some extra cash? Going to the pawn shop to unload some items? You’re not alone. Pawn shops have made a big comeback thanks to recession. But you don’t need to hock your engagement ring to make a fast buck. Here’s a list of the top 4 most lucrative items to pawn. This comes from the Silver and Gold Pawn Shop in Las Vegas – the home of the reality show “Pawn Stars.” And these are things you might find in your attic – or grandpa’s basement:

  • Like: Antique clocks. You’ll get the most money from an old clock if it meets these criteria: It must be mechanically complex. It must be designed by a well-known clock maker. And it should have a beautiful design and still function. 

  • The third most profitable item to pawn: Comic books. The value of a comic book depends on 4 things: It’s age – the number of copies in print – the condition its in – and the print number. For example, an Action Comics from the late 40s in good condition could net you a couple grand. 

  • The second most lucrative thing to pawn: Baseball cards. Baseball cards that were mass produced aren’t worth a lot of money. What will bring in the big bucks is an original Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio. How much are they worth? For a Babe Ruth card from his playing days – you can get a couple hundred on up to a thousand dollars. But a babe Ruth rookie card went for a half a million in 2008. 

  • And the most profitable item to pawn according to “Pawn Stars?” Zippo Lighters! Every guy in the 50s and 60s had one – but these days they’ll go for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. But the most valuable ones are from 1932 – when the Zippo company was founded – and they’ll get you about $40,000.