That's the same level as a ringing telephone! It takes sound louder than 85 decibels to damage hearing. But noise at less than 65 decibels is linked to hypertension, stress, heart damage and depression. And your spouse's snoring can cause noise-induced hearing loss! In a single night, your sleep can be disturbed 21 times an hour! You may not realize it, but you keep waking up. To see if it's a problem for you, sleep in another room for a week. If you feel dramatically better your spouse needs to get help. According to Prevention magazine, nasal breathing strips really won't help long-term. What does work? A continuous positive airway pressure device. It's a mask the snorer wears that uses air pressure to keep the throat open. Or you can try snore-plasty. A new operation in which the snorer gets injected with alcohol that stiffens the soft tissues at the back of the throat. Sometimes even just weight loss helps. But above all, if snoring is problem in your house, the snorer needs to see a doctor, for both of your health.