Take a close look at your smartphone – because experts say it’ll soon be obsolete! Engineers and manufacturers are developing groundbreaking new features that’ll change phones as we know them forever. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming.

In 5 years, experts say the coolest smartphone will look like a triangle! Manufacturers have already started shifting away from the original rectangular phone designs, to other shapes – like curved phones and triangles - so their design stands out from the pack.

Then, fast-forward 15 years from today – and experts say you won’t have a smartphone, you’ll have smartglasses! Which are high-tech glasses that’ll non-stop stream Facebook, texts, and online news right into your eyeballs!

And a decade after that? We’ll likely trade our smartglasses for a smart wristphone. Just like on Star Trek. Experts predict it’ll have voice-command and futuristic holographic capabilities. That’ll let us talk with anyone just like they’re right beside us.

And in 75 years – the smart phone may be a computer chip in our brain. We’ll just have to think of someone or something and it’ll instantly computer – or connect.