Smartphone owners: Your risk of becoming a shopaholic has never been higher. That’s because a new study found that more people than ever are using their smartphones and iPads to shop 24/7, no matter where they are. 

Researchers found that more than half of people use their smartphones to shop while they’re in bed. And here’s a scary statistic: one in four shop on their phone while they’re taking a bath or even sitting on the toilet! 
So why are our smartphones turning us into shopaholics? It comes down to convenience. Experts say that most of us carry our phone with us all the time, and if we have a second of downtime, we usually start playing with our phones. And we’re often tempted to cruise online stores and deals. But that could fast track you to major credit card debt. 
A Columbia University study found that people who felt relaxed, like while curled up in bed, thought items were worth more than they actually were. In fact, they were willing to pay 15-percent more for things when they were in “down time” mode. That’s because, when we’re relaxed, we focus on how much we’ll enjoy the item, not how practical it is. And that’s why retailers flood you with emails and online promotions starting around 7 PM, when you’re more likely to be in “R&R,” happy-go-lucky, money-spending mode.
So to prevent your smartphone from turning you into a shopping machine, put it on vibrate and leaving it in one place when you get home – say your kitchen. That way, you won’t be carrying it with you wherever you go and risk going on a “click purchase” shopping spree on the toilet.