Are smartphone apps making us the laziest society in history?

Today, a growing number of smartphone apps make it easy to hire someone else to run all of our errands, and do all of our chores! For example:

  • There’s TaskRabbit, which connects you to people who’ll do anything from clean your house, to shop for groceries, or assemble new furniture.
  • Too lazy to bake a cake for your boyfriend’s birthday? The local-help app Zaarly will help you find someone to bake it for you within an hour.
  • Hate waiting on hold for customer service? The app FastCustomer will wait on hold for you until someone picks up.
  • With an app called Cherry, you can hire someone to come and wash your car.

Fans of these apps say they help people save time, and create new job opportunities for people who need work. But psychology professor Larry Rosen disagrees. He says the apps are making it too easy to be anti-social and lazy! He says mobile devices make us “socially isolated” because we no longer need to have face-to-face interactions, or even voice-to-voice. After all, when you can unload your chores with the swipe of a finger, it makes picking up the phone seem like hard work!

Rosen says that’s bad news, because research shows that simple face-to-face interactions, like saying “hello” to the cashier at the grocery store, are good for our psychological health. Plus, experts say some chores can have a “deeper purpose” that provide happiness and meaning to your life. Like baking a cake for your boyfriend shows you took the time to do something special – and it means something to him, but that gets lost if you outsource it to an app!

What do you think? Do you feel lazier because of smartphone apps? Weigh in below in the comments section!