Here’s a nasty surprise: The average toilet seat is cleaner than a smartphone. That’s the finding of a new study. Researchers took germ swabs of smartphones, and toilets. The result? Smartphones had sky-high levels of hazardous germs, including salmonella, E. Coli, and staph. In fact, some smartphones had up to 30 times more bacteria than toilet seats.

Experts say that smartphones and tablet screens are germ magnets because we touch them all day long – after touching other germy things like handrails, ATM keypads, or food. We also take them into the bathroom with us – where they’re exposed to all sorts of germs. Also, a lot of people don’t wash their hands thoroughly – which passes germs onto their smartphone.

A Stanford University study found that if there’s a virus on a glass surface, and you touch it - at least 30% of it will end up on your fingertips. And if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth – it can infect you.

The fix? Clean your smartphone every day. But skip liquid cleaners that contain alcohol – that can damage the gadget. Instead, use anti-bacterial wipes designed specifically for touch screens. Like “Screen Kleen” – with a “K.”