Smartphones are great, but they can cost you big bucks. They’re more expensive to buy than plain old cell phones, and have high monthly fees – but they also have hidden costs you may not have considered:

#1: Accessories. According to a recent study, the average Smartphone owner spends an extra $60 on things like screen protectors, earbuds, and Bluetooth headsets. And within a couple of months, most users under 35 drop another hundred bucks on extras, like multiple cases to go with different outfits.

Another way your Smartphone busts your budget: Apps. A lot of applications cost only a buck or two, so it’s easy to get carried away.  In fact, the average smartphone user has 22 apps on their phone. As you probably guess, games are the most popular.  And if you believe “time is money,” they’re also the most costly. Why? Because the average Smartphone user spends the equivalent of two workdays a month playing games on the phone.

And finally: Your phone is an impulse buying machine. More than 17 million people have already registered with services that allow stores to beam coupons to their phones while they shop.

And, in many cities, you can pay for an item just by waving your phone at the register. Plus, it won’t be long before you can make purchases simply by sending a text message any time you hear an ad - or see a billboard!

If you want to stop your Smartphone from draining your bank account, your best defense is an old-fashioned written budget. Studies show that tracking your spending prevents people from making all the little purchases that add up to big bucks.