Falling in love could make you gain 14 pounds. That’s according to a new study. Sixty-two percent of people in relationships say they’ve gained weight since they got together. 

Why does being in love increase your waistline? Here’s what the researchers found. First, a lot of women start eating like their boyfriends, and that can spell trouble, since men need to consume nearly 1,000 more calories a day than women. The study also found that a lot of couples spend most of their quality time doing fat-friendly activities, like watching TV or going out to eat. 
So couples, give your relationship a health makeover. Cook meals together since the average home cooked meal has 500 calories LESS than the average restaurant meal. Also, instead of zoning out in front of “Breaking Bad,” go for an after dinner walk. Stephen Cabral is a physical therapist and author of "Lose 5 in 7." He says walking after dinner will help you digest your food better, make it easier for you to skip dessert and relieve stress, which will help you have a good night’s sleep. And reduced stress and better sleep can combat weight gain.