A picture may be worth a thousand words but the words may actually be more memorable. New research shows we’re better at remembering what we read on social media pages, than we are at remembering pictures.

Psychologists at the University of California fired up a computer and showed volunteers 100 sentences, and 100 pictures of people’s faces. The sentences were actual Facebook updates like, “The library’s a place to study, not to talk on your phone……” and, “My math professor told me I was one of his brightest students.” 

Guess what? The volunteers were two-and-a-half times more likely to recall the posts than the faces. Statistically, that’s a huge difference.  In fact, lead researcher Dr. Laura Mickes says that it’s similar to the difference between amnesiacs, and people with a healthy memory!

So, why are Facebook posts so unforgettable? Dr. Mickes believes it’s easier for us to absorb social media postings because they’re written in "mind ready" formats that mimic natural speech. While pictures – unless we look closely at the details and file the images away in our memories – can start to run together in our mind.  Which means, you really should think twice before you post a rant, an off-the-cuff-remark, or a cutting comment because it could definitely come back to haunt you.