We now spend 5 hours a day on our phones. And, here’s how our phones are affecting our lives…

Even if your phone is on vibrate, it’s killing your focus. According to Florida State University, a single buzz from your phone, notifying you that you have a new text message, is enough to weaken your ability to focus on a task. And that’s even if you don’t pick up your phone to see who texted you. So if you really need to focus, switch your phone to “do not disturb” mode, instead of putting it on vibrate.

Also, when we’re walking and using our phones, we’re less likely to look both ways before crossing the street - and more likely to be hit by a car. That’s according to the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering. In fact, to prove how inattentive we are when we’re walking and using our phones, researchers hung money from a tree - actual cash... and 94% of pedestrians who were on their phones didn’t even see it.

Finally, when you’re bored, keep your phone in your handbag, instead of scrolling through Instagram. Psychologist Larry Rosen says, when we’re bored, four different areas of the brain activate - inspiring more original and imaginative ideas. And allowing yourself to be bored for even 5 minutes can boost creativity.