Your next desk could be a treadmill desk! A growing number of companies are ditching traditional desks for treadmill desks which are actual treadmills with an adjustable table on top where you can rest your papers and your computer. You can literally walk while you work!  Experts say that even though it sounds odd, a treadmill desk could literally save your life.

A growing body of research shows that sitting can be deadly and boosts our risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer. In fact, studies show that even if you work out before clocking in at your desk job, you never totally wipe away the damage you’re doing to your body from all that sitting.

So, do treadmill desks really keep you healthy?  According to one recent study – yes! They might also help companies boost profits, too! The financial firm Salo replaced traditional desks with treadmill desks and Mayo Clinic researchers attached health tracking monitors to employees, and followed them for 6 months.

The result? The firm not only experienced record earnings but it was a major health booster. Employees’ cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped and they all lost weight. One guy lost 25 pounds!

You may wonder how you can type or write while you walk – but you’ll be going fairly slowly. Typically people move less than 2 miles an hour. But just the fact that you’re moving at all is an immediately health booster.

Now before you lace up your sneakers and grab a treadmill desk, know this doctors warn that you shouldn’t walk all day, because that could cause muscle strain. Instead, keep switching back and forth. Walk for half-an-hour, then take a half an hour off.