Have you ever wondered which home remedies doctors and nurses use on their own family? Here's a list of their favorites:

  • #1: Honey. Researchers at the University of Illinois found people with colds who downed 2 teaspoons a day of pure honey felt better 72 hours sooner than those who took over-the-counter medications. That's because honey is packed with natural antibiotics and healing enzymes.
  • Another home remedy that's a favorite with MDs: Music. Studies show that injured patients who listen to an hour of soothing music a day heal faster than those who don't hear music and need 25-percent fewer painkillers. The reason: Music cuts our body's production of damaging stress hormones. It also relaxes arteries and improves blood flow - which sends more healing nutrients to damaged tissues, and speeds up repair.
  • Let's end with a doctor-recommended home remedy for lost car keys: Turmeric - which is used to make curry. A study in the Journal of Neurochemistry found that eating a teaspoon of turmeric a day can improve short-term memory by 30-percent. That's because the active ingredient that makes turmeric yellow reduces the buildup of brain proteins that short-circuit our memory centers.