Ladies – here’s how to decode your guy’s Instagram page – to figure out what he’s really like. This comes from psychologists Jean Twinge and Keith Campbell, who wrote the book, Narcissism Epidemic.

  • If his feed is artsy – with pictures of trees, sunsets, cityscapes – it means he can see the beauty in everyday things. So he’ll be more open to the quirks that make you unique. 

  • If a guy takes pictures of his daily workout: It means he’s competitive. He may be into mind games – and he’ll fight to win every argument. 

More Instagram pics decoded by psychologists:

  • If he posts mostly funny pictures – it means he doesn’t take himself too seriously. But it can also mean he’s immature – and not ready for anything serious, relationship-wise.

  • What about a guy who posts a bunch of selfies – which are pictures you take of yourself. That’s the sign of a person who cares what other people think of him. He wants to be seen and he’s looking to be liked. And he may be too focused on himself to focus on you. 

  • Lastly, what about the guy who can’t stop uploading pictures of his latest culinary creations on Instagram? If it’s food he’s cooking himself, it shows he’s creative, nurturing and takes pride in his efforts. And as a partner, he’ll be dedicated to taking care of you.