The library isn’t just for reading and quiet time anymore.  It’s now the place to go for everything from rocking Zumba classes to hog butchering workshops!

A growing number of libraries across North America are ditching their stiff, old-fashioned reputations and rebranding themselves as learning and cultural hotspots.

And it’s all because of eBooks. They say that because so many of us download books these days, the old library model of simply loaning books is dying out. And in order to survive, they need to attract people in fun new ways. Like the hog butchering workshop I mentioned. It was billed as, “Books and Butchers,” and took place at a library in Kansas City – where 100 people attended.

We also read about one Iowa library that recently started offering a popular Nintendo Wii bowling league for seniors. And other libraries are hosting seminars on landscaping and fly-fishing or holding concerts and comedy shows!

Plus, as part of their image makeover, libraries are loaning out a lot more than books and movies .  Many also loan out things like telescopes, musical instruments, and even construction equipment! In fact, the Berkeley library in California loans out saws, hammers and dry wall tools!

So are the changes working? Statistics show yes! A new survey found that library program attendance has jumped 29 percent in the last few years.