Ladies, comedian Rosie O’Donnell has a lifesaving message for you – no matter how old or healthy you are, your heart could be a ticking timebomb!

The 55-year-old Hollywood star had launched an aggressive media campaign to spread the word about the dangers of heart attacks, after she recently suffered one without realizing it and was on the brink of death. She didn’t recognize the symptoms, so O’Donnell went 24 hours before finally seeing a doctor. And they quickly diagnosed her with a “widowmaker” – meaning 99-percent of her left artery was blocked, which usually causes instant death. Doctors say it’s a miracle she’s alive.

Tragically, a lot of women die of heart attacks every year because they don’t recognize the signs – which are distinctly different from the main warning signs in men, who get intense chest pain and shortness of breath. In fact, 50-percent of women who suffer heart attacks don’t call 911 because they didn’t know they were having an attack. Worse, 1-out-of-3 doctors don’t recognize the telltale signs of heart attack in women - like fatigue, general pain, and feeling clammy - and usually fatally misdiagnose them with the flu.

Also, pay attention to indigestion or nausea. It can range from mild indigestion to severe nausea, cramping, and vomiting, or even a cramping ache in the upper belly. Women are more likely to have these symptoms and not tie them to cardiac episode.

So, ladies and gentlemen – if you feel any of those symptoms, call 911. It can literally save your life.