Today’s college students will spend an average of $400 decorating their dorm rooms. And thanks to a growing number of online tools, students can now decorate their rooms in advance, before they even move in!

For example: Many students are turning to social media, and getting decorating ideas from photo sites like Pinterest. Others are using online shopping tools that were specially created for college students, like, Target has a tool called u-Styler. It lets students create a mock dorm room online, which they can decorate virtually. They can move furniture around, or test different color-schemes for blankets and posters, to see how they’ll look in real life. Then the tool creates a checklist of items the student will need to buy to complete the look. 

Students can also sign up for college gift registries, at places like The Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond. They work just like wedding registries, and most retailers offer direct-to-dorm delivery at no extra charge. Also, many of these tools help students connect with their roommates before school starts, that way, they can figure out what not to bring to their dorm. For example: Instead of showing up with duplicate electronics, one student might agree to bring the TV, if the other brings the X-Box.

But know this: Experts are warning students to not go overboard planning their “dream dorm room.” That’s because the average dorm room only has about 180 square feet of space, and many parents report driving home after move-in day, with U-Haul trucks full of furniture, clothing, and decorations that just didn’t fit!