If you’re thinking of job-hopping, you’re not alone.

Experts predict that a lot of employees could be jumping ship in the next few months. And odds are, your employer is totally unprepared for it. 

When the recession was in full swing, employees felt grateful just to have a job. There was no way they were going to quit and risk unemployment that may have lasted years. 

But new statistics show that for the first time since the recession hit, the job market is rapidly improving.

And experts believe that’ll potentially trigger millions of employees, who’ve been hating their jobs, to look for new ones. And most companies aren’t prepared for the pent-up turnover, and will be left short-staffed and possibly without their best talent.

That’s because the first employees to quit when the economy improves are usually the most valuable – because they often have the most sought-after skills that make them hirable elsewhere.  

So, if you’re a boss, and don’t want to lose your best employees, experts say consider this a gentle wake-up call to make them feel valued now.