Are you the oldest, the middle child, or the baby? Whatever the answer is, your birth order can affect what career path you take and how much money you'll earn.

That's according to a new Career Builder study. Researchers had volunteers complete questionnaires about their birth order, profession, and salary. Here's what they found:

Firstborns have the advantage of being the only child for a certain period of time, so they get their parents' full attention. And that often turns them into conscientious high-achievers. So, they're drawn to executive roles in fields like government, information technology, and science.

Are you the middle or second child? Researchers say that your middle-of-the-pack status groomed you to be a pro at negotiation and mediation. Which means you probably lean toward public service and caretaking roles, like a teacher, police officer, or nurse.

OK, so you're the baby of the family? Since you were the last to arrive, your parents were probably more relaxed with you. So, you tend to be a bit of a free-spirit and entertainer. That makes you perfect for more creative roles, like actor, designer, or architect.

Finally, attention only children! Experts say that "onlies" spent a lot of time with their parents, or playing by themselves. So, they enjoy positions that call solo, like scientists or engineers.