You might not think much about your bellybutton, but new research shows it's home to a bunch of disgusting bacteria, including:* A common skin bacteria that leads to drug-resistant MRSA or staph infection.* Bright yellow colonies of bacteria that can cause skin infections, pus, and body odor,* and gooey globs of Pseudomonas - which can cause fever and chills, as well as infections of the eyes, ears, lungs, skin and urinary tract.Dr. Jiri Hulcr is a researcher at North Carolina State University. He and his colleagues recently started the Belly Button Bio-diversity project to teach people about the bacteria that live on their skin. In fact, Dr. Hulcr says your body is covered in bacteria, and your navel is ground zero for most of them. So, why is your navel such a nasty nest? Three reasons:* It's protected. 96 percent of us have an "inny" belly button, which makes it a safe place for bacteria to set up house.* Also, most of us don't wash our bellybutton with soap. That allows bacteria - as well as sweat, fat, dust, and dead skin - to continue collecting and multiply.* Your bellybutton is also germ farm because it doesn't produce any special oils or secretions like other protected body parts - like your nose and armpits. That means unless you wash it out, there's nothing to stop your navel jungle from growing.