Couples: Did you know you’re more likely to divorce if you don’t have kids?  That’s the takeaway of several new studies we read about, which show that childless couples divorce more often than those who have at least one child. In fact, 66 percent of couples who divorce in North America don’t have kids.

So what’s going on? Laura Scott is a life coach who says childless couples tend to have less motivation to stay together if the relationship isn’t working. Think about it: If you’re unhappy with your spouse, and there’s no need to “stay together for the kids,” then you can just walk away.

But Scott says the most surprising reason many childless couples break up is because they waited too long to have kids. Her thinking is that more couples are putting off starting families these days, because they want to focus on their career or relationship first. Then, when they finally decide the time’s right, many discover that their spouse never really wanted to have kids.  Or they might develop fertility problems that make it impossible to have kids.  Scott says when couples begin to argue about options like adoption, for example, the added stress can be enough to end a marriage.

That’s why Scott says it’s extremely important to have the so-called “kid conversation” when you start to get serious. Because as this study shows, if you don’t agree on your future kid plans, you’ll likely be the next in line to file for divorce.