If you hate Mondays, don’t expect a promotion any time soon – even if you’re good at your job! Why? Because people who dread the start of the workweek aren’t considered management material.

A recent Gallup poll found that people who are grumpy on Mondays tend to grumble more and smile less. Plus, they’re more likely to exhibit angry behavior. So, experts say it’s no surprise that happy coworkers – even if they’re less talented - tend to pass the grumps on the career ladder.

The difference between people who enjoy coming to work, and those who don’t, is something psychologists call engagement. To put it simply, workers who are engaged like what they do, and believe that their work matters. Workers who enjoy their work also have fewer health problems. And because they don’t have to make the weekly shift between “T G I F” and the “Monday blues,” they have fewer psychological issues.

Unfortunately, half of all workers dislike Mondays. And 18 percent flat-out hate their jobs. But no matter which negative category you fall into, it’s important to find reasons to be proud of your work. For example, ask for assignments that you care about or that sound fun to you. Or start telling yourself why what you do matters. Say you process payments for the gas company you could say, “I help people have warm, comfortable homes.” Knowing that you’re making other people’s lives better can make your work-life better, too.