It may seem crazy to turn down a job offer. But experts say it’s not smart to accept a position that’s not a good fit for you. Here are three red flags that you should probably keep looking:

  • The interviewers are rude or inconsiderate. Career expert Allison Green says the way human resources treats job applicants is a reflection of the company’s vibe as a whole. For example, if they call to reschedule an hour before your interview – and don’t even acknowledge that it’s an inconvenience for you – you can bet your new boss won’t mind disrupting your life once you work there (or dropping a last minute deadline in your lap).

  • There’s no clear job description. Charles Purdy is a senior editor at He says that if everybody you meet describes your potential job duties differently, it means you won’t know what you’re expected to do in your first few months on the job – and you won’t know how your performance will be measured. That will pretty much keep you from doing your job effectively, and will set you up for a poor performance review.

  • If the company says they’re: Looking for people who are hard-working and manage stress well. Gladys Stone is the coauthor of GOAL! Your 30 Day Game Plan for Business and Career Success. She says that no one wants lazy people who fall apart when things get tough. What they’re really saying is, “This place is incredibly demanding, your coworkers won’t help you out, and the turnover is high.” And unless you want a stressful work life, you’ll probably want to work somewhere else.