According to Health magazine, some of the problems we face   such as anger, frustration and a poor self-esteem   can be successfully worked out with the right work-out! Here's the lowdown.

  • If you're overwhelmed by the idea of making a big life-change, like switching careers: do some distance running or mountain climbing. Proving to yourself that you can accomplish a long-distance goal builds the confidence you need to follow through on big decisions.
  • If your relationship has crumbled, and you feel vulnerable: start surfing, skiing or weight training--Mastering challenging activities improves your self-image, and developing strong muscles also gives you a mental boost.
  • Another exercise tip for your mind--If one of your coworkers has stolen an idea from you: Try rowing, swimming or walking. Activities that don't require much quick thinking or decision making allow you to zone out, which has a calming effect on your brain.

And finally, if there's trouble brewing with your mate and it just hasn't come to a head.
Tandem biking, kayaking or hiking together are your best choices for exercise. Because for better or worse, breaking a sweat with your partner can help you let down your guard, and express the emotions you've kept bottled up.