Would you buy something if it could be taken from you at any moment - and you couldn’t do a thing to stop it? You may already be! It’s e-books!

E-books are a booming billion dollar industry. And statistics show that today a lot of people are buying e-books instead traditional paper ones. But before you build up your digital library, know this: electronic books aren’t yours. In fact, any time you click “buy” on an e-book – the fine print states that you’re technically licensing it, which is like a lease, and that your access can be taken away at any time.  

Consider one recent high profile case. A woman had to order a replacement Kindle, and suddenly was locked out of her account and blocked from accessing her e-books.

Why? Because they said she had violated the terms of her account, even though they wouldn’t say exactly what she’d done. She blogged about her case, which went viral, and eventually Amazon granted access to her e-books. But experts warn that it’s perfectly legal for companies to block you from your own electronic library anytime. And the only way to guarantee that a book stays yours forever is to go with a hard copy.