And you might be more accurate in your predictions than you might think. That's according to a study at Bryn Mawr College.
A group of untrained psychology students watched videotapes of couples discussing problems important to them--Things like, communication problems, disagreements over finances, and conflicts about household chores. The students were simply told to use their own instincts, and rate how emotional the couple was, and which emotions were expressed.
In other words, was the couple sad, angry, afraid or happy. The students then picked which couples they believed would still be together 5 years down the road. Surprisingly, their predictions were accurate 85 percent of the time! Researchers discovered that the way married couples express their emotions affects the quality and stability of their marriage. And couples headed for the rocks have very little empathy for each other. Not only that, the men are more likely to be hostile. And the women are more likely to express sadness and other vulnerable feelings.
If this sounds like your relationship, you might want to spend time with a couple's counselor.