Want to save money, de-clutter, and get more organized? Here are the habits of highly-organized people:

First: Walk away from bargains. Think about it. Do you really need a new sweater – even if it’s “just” $20? Professional organizer Julie Morgenstern says, before you buy anything, ask yourself: “Do I already have something similar?” And if you’re tempted to snap up a ginormous package of 3-for-1 ketchup, ask yourself, “Where am I going to store this?”

Another tip from highly-organized people: Don’t label any boxes or file folders “miscellaneous.” Because, within a week, you won’t have any idea what’s in there. Instead, sort things into specific categories - like: “light bulbs,” and “gas bills” – and label them accordingly.

The final tip: Separate your emotions from your possessions. It’s healthy to be attached to certain items that mean a lot – like your grandmother’s pearls, or the vase you bought in Paris. But it’s smart to get rid of anything that has outlived its usefulness, like old t-shirts that are full of holes, or broken earrings you haven’t worn in years.