Sure, you’d invite friends to your backyard barbecue with an e-vite. But would you invite guests to your wedding by email? A growing number of couples are – especially Millennials. They’re ditching old-school paper wedding invitations for email e-vites. 

In fact, revenue is booming at email invitation companies like and Which offer dozens of design templates to choose from. You simply type in the event details, upload your address book and hit send. 

It’s significantly cheaper that getting paper invitations printed – it can even be free. Wedding emails are also environmentally friendly, because no trees lose their life for the sake of your wedding. Another plus? They’re time-savers, and let guests RSVP immediately online. 

But wedding planners say that email invites are way too casual for what’s supposed to be the most important event of your life. Also, guests who aren’t computer savvy may never get your invitation – or it could land in someone’s spam folder.  

So, what do etiquette experts say? The Emily Post Institute is NOT a fan.

They say a good rule of thumb for invitations is this: If you would be comfortable extending an invitation over the phone, then email is acceptable. But a wedding isn’t one of those times. 

So what do you think of wedding e-vites? A do or don’t? Weigh in at