Would you believe a growing number of people are turning down full-time jobs these days? Why? As it turns out, a new survey found it’s because more people prefer the satisfaction they get from having a part-time job!

Why get a full-time job when you can be happier with a part-time one?

That’s the takeaway of a new Labor Department survey, which asked people why they took a part-time job. As it turns out, a growing number of people are turning down or not even looking for full-time work these days, because they feel, quote: “more satisfied” in a part-time job! In fact, only a-third of people in this survey said they’d prefer a full-time job to what they’re doing now.

So what’s going on? Shawn Boyer is CEO of the job posting site SnagAJob.com. He says one reason part-time jobs are so hot right now is because people prefer the flexibility, because once you get used to having a smaller paycheck, you may discover you’re happier having more time to devote to your family and social life. Boyer says people are also taking part-time jobs to gain new experience, or keep their old skills sharp. That’s important in today’s economy, because most hiring managers say they’d rather hire someone who’s already employed – even if it’s only in a part-time job, than hire someone who’s been out of work for a while.

That’s why a growing number of people today are happily lining up to take part-time jobs.

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