What’s the coolest type of snack these days? It’s anything straight out of a subscription snack box! It’s the latest trend in the health world.

Companies sell “subscription snack boxes,” that contain a few of the top new healthy snacks, and deliver them to your doorstep once a month. It’s kind of like a ‘Beer of the Month” club – except it’s all the latest healthy snacks - for anywhere from $10 to over $100.

For example, Sprig snack boxes contain gluten-free and organic snacks, mostly picked up from farmers markets! Like organic dark chocolate-covered bananas, or curry-flavored sunflower seeds.

And, attention, vegans! Vegan Cuts snack boxes contain at least 5 goodies. From rosemary spiced almonds to vegan hand soap!

And for fitness fanatics – Jacked Pack snack boxes contain the latest protein powders and energy gels.

So, what do nutritionists think about snack boxes? They consider them a great starting point to getting healthy. The danger is that a lot of people think simply ordering a subscription snack box makes them healthy. But if you eat all the kale chips and soy energy bars in one sitting – it’s just like eating any other snack you’ll gain weight.

Nutritionists say they’re gimmicky and not a real solution for change. So use the boxes as motivation – not as an excuse to eat more. And if you really want a great snack service – nutritionists suggest trying a fruit or vegetable of the month club, instead.