Forget bachelorette parties, the fastest-growing relationship celebration these days is the divorce party, where women gather with their girlfriends to embrace their newly-single status. 

There’s everything from black sashes that say “newly divorced!” - to nights on the town with limos and VIP parties. 

Some experts say it’s crazy to celebrate what’s essentially the failure of a marriage, but participants say the parties come at the end of a very long process - often after months or years of wrangling with lawyers and exes. And it’s a new beginning – and these women feel like: “I’m happy, and even if you don’t love me, I love myself, and so do my friends.”  

As a result, sales of divorce party favors and accessories have jumped 30%, and include things like voodoo dolls, and customized doormats with the ex’s face printed on them. And some stores say that their “divorce” products are already outselling bachelorette items.

One party-planning company in Las Vegas says bookings for divorce parties are up 70%. 

And another party planner says she books 3 parties a month, costing anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 a pop. They include “un-wedding” ceremonies that come complete with vows that celebrate singlehood, champagne, and “divorce cakes” with a “decapitated” groom cake-topper. 

Piñatas are also a big hit at divorce parties, so exes can beat a likeness of their ex with a bat.

What do you think of divorce parties? Would you throw one? Or is a failed relationship not an excuse to whoop it up?  Weigh in at /JohnTesh.