Wouldn’t it be great if there was a pill that would keep your hair from turning gray, and you’d never have to waste time and money getting it dyed? Well, several scientists are working hard to turn that into a reality.  But other experts say be careful what you wish for, because taking a pill for purely cosmetic reasons could be risky.

The anti-gray supplements currently being developed contain an unnamed mystery fruit extract that mimics certain bodily enzymes, which allows your hair follicles to continue to produce color pigment.

But there are three huge drawbacks:

First, if you’ve already got gray hair, the pill won’t help, because the damage will already have been done.

The second – even bigger drawback – is that you’d have to take an anti-gray pill every day for life – or until you decided to go gray. You’d also have to begin taking the pills at least 10 years before your hair starts turning gray.  But you’d have to guess when that might happen – because some people start to go gray in their early 20s, and some people never do.

And the third drawback of an anti-gray pill: 

The extract hasn’t been tested on humans.  So, there’s no way of knowing how safe it is – and whether it could adversely affect your skin or your other organs.

Anti-gray pills aren’t on the market yet – but we’ll keep you posted on the progress.