Have you heard about the mother who decided that – for this entire year – she isn’t going to spend any money on her 2-year-old? Well, except for food and medicine, of course. She made the decision after losing her job five days before Christmas. She was overwhelmed by financial worries. But when she looked around her house and saw piles of kid-clothes and toys, she decided she didn’t need to buy even one more thing!

  • That means, no more special “kid foods” like juice boxes with cartoon characters, or chicken fingers. Her toddler will eat what the family eats.

  • It also means, no more spending money on toys or kid-friendly movies and games. She’ll create her own games and arts-and-crafts activities, and set up play-dates that don’t cost money.

  • And as for clothes, her 2-year-old will only wear hand-me-downs from friends and family.

  • She’s even giving up disposable diapers! She’s doing it the old fashioned way, with cloth diapers and potty training.

And she’s not alone. Asha Dornfest co-wrote the book Minimalist Parenting, and she says it’s a smart move more people are making. She points out that the average child’s home is overwhelmed with sippy cups, special plates, tiny chairs, and unused toys. And buying more toys, games, and stuffed animals doesn’t help their development. In fact, de-cluttering can actually lead to greater stimulation and creativity because kids are forced to use their imagination.

She also says that most people use less than 90% of the things they have on a regular basis. And it’s much easier to teach kids when they’re young that it’s possible to be happy with less.

What do you think: Would you be able to spend nothing on your child for an entire year?