The best way to make a good impression on a first date isn’t with a flashy car, designer clothing, or spending big cash on a fancy dinner. New studies show that being too free with your money makes a person seem wasteful and like they lack self-control. And that makes you less-than-ideal long-term-relationship material. 

What does make a good impression? Showing you know how to save money. Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Business examined the dating profiles of 30 million people. Those who labeled themselves “savers” had 25-percent more contacts by potential dates than people who considered themselves “spenders." 
Dr. Jenny Olson, who studies relationships and finances, says that savers are seen as a better catch because a potential mate doesn’t have to worry that they’re living beyond their means. It also means, they can control their bad impulses and not just in terms of money. They’re probably more disciplined when it comes to diet and exercise too. 
Being a “saver” also shows a potential date that you care about the future, and you’re the type that will eventually buy a house, provide for a family and save for retirement. Of course, you don’t want to date a tightwad, though. 
So what’s the difference between a saver and someone who’s stingy? According to psychologist Elizabeth Lombard, someone who’s stingy feels like they don’t deserve to spend money, they resent spending money and nothing’s ever “worth it.” But someone who saves for a rainy day won’t mind splurging on the occasional fancy dinner or weekend away. It shows they can enjoy life, and they want to share that enjoyment with others. 
But remember: Just because someone’s dating profile says they’re a “saver” doesn’t make it true. After all, a lot of people lie about their height, weight, and age, too. So let the dater beware.