You can make big money today as a “tax tattler.” That’s the term experts use for the growing number of people who help turn in tax cheaters. Last year alone, tax tattlers identified nearly 700 people who owed more than $600 million in back taxes! And because the IRS awards tax tattlers with a percentage of the money they help collect, last year’s tattlers shared an estimated $125 million. To put that into perspective: That’s TEN TIMES the amount the IRS awarded the year before.

How does the program work? Basically, if you suspect someone is committing tax fraud, you can fill out a form and report it. And if the information you provide “substantially contributes” to the IRS catching a tax cheater, then you get paid a minimum of 15 percent of what the cheater owed. So, for example, if you turn in someone who owes $2 million, then you can earn a minimum of $300,000.

You might think the threat of being turned in by a neighbor or co-worker would be enough to scare most of us into paying what we owe. But get this: A recent CNN poll found that 13 percent of people think it’s “okay” to cheat on their taxes! And experts say as long as people keep thinking that way, then there will always be lots of money to be made as a tax tattler.

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