Kids don’t come cheap, which is why a strange new parenting trend is catching on. Parents are turning their kids into walking advertisements for everything from cereal to casinos!

In England, a popular cereal brand called Weetabix, which is kind of like shredded wheat, started paying kids $400 apiece to wear clothes covered in their logo. The company only selects kids who do a lot of sports and activities, hoping that the message will sink in that if you eat their cereal, you’ll be an active, busy youngster too.  This isn’t just a Brit thing.

A couple months ago the Disney Company started up a baby wear line called Disney Baby. They handed out free onesies and other goods in maternity wards. The thinking was, get ‘em while they’re young and you’ll have a customer for life.

The billboard baby trend doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot! Some parents, who’re desperate for cash, have sold their baby’s NAME to the highest bidder. A woman in New Jersey auctioned off the naming rights to her unborn child on ebay. A casino came in with a high bid of $15,000. Now the baby’s name will forever be GoldenPalace.Com.

Another father in Florida sold his baby’s name for a $100 gas card! A couple bought it so now the baby’s name is Dixon And Willoughby, the AND is part of his name!

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