Guys, what’s the latest trend in engagements? Hiring a proposal planner to help you pull off the perfect “pop-the-question” event. 

For anywhere between $100 and $500 dollars, a proposal planner will help you come up with the ideal time, place, and scenario for your proposal. You can also hire them to help you pull it off, whether you want a hot air balloon ride, a catered picnic, or whether you simply want a guitarist to start playing “your song” in the park when you get down on bended knee, with a videographer hiding in the bushes to record every moment. 

A lot of proposal planners got into the business because their own fiancé botched their proposal, like one woman we read about whose eventual husband said, “Let’s get married” in the middle of a fight. Another woman says she discovered her engagement ring at the bottom of a greasy bucket of fried chicken, and wanted to make sure that other women had good memories about their proposal. 

So, why are proposal planners so hot? For one thing, the groom knows he probably won’t have much input in the actual wedding planning, but he’s got full control of the proposal.

Also, today you can find tons of highly-creative proposals all over YouTube,  and most men don’t want to let their bride-to-be down by comparison. Besides, a good proposal can be a story couples retell again and again, while a bad one can go viral on YouTube, and turn the groom into a laughingstock. So, by hiring a proposal planner, guys figure it’s their best chance of getting it right. 

Want to find one, just google “proposal planners,” and there are tons. As well as being a big engagement trend, it’s also a booming cottage industry!