What’s the latest travel trend? Hiring a professional photographer to document your vacation. Like, spending two hours in Paris being photographed at world-famous sites, like at the Eiffel Tower or walking along the Seine. Or having a professional take pictures of your first surf lesson on Maui. 

So why are people splashing out on professional photography? The biggest reason is because it’s the only way to guarantee you’ll get good, candid shots of everyone in your group. Typically, one person is always behind the camera, or you need to beg someone walking by to take a picture, and they may take a terrible shot, or worse, steal your camera! 

Another reason for the pro-photographer travel trend? We’re living in an increasingly visual world. From Instagram, to Twitpics, to Pinterest, we’re posting pictures everywhere these days. 

That’s why travel photo businesses are popping up everywhere. For example, Flytographer connects travelers with photographers around the world, in places like Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, New York, and San Francisco. The shoots run from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and cost between $200 and $400 dollars.

The travelers who’ve tried it say it’s the best souvenir, ever. 

If you decide to book a vacation photo shoot, photography experts have a couple of suggestions to help you make the most of your session:

  • First: Wear solid colors, because solids look better on camera than prints.

  • Also, if you’re not used to having a camera document your every move, bring a prop to interact with that’ll help you relax, like a bike, a map, or an umbrella. 

To go further, check out the websites: BetterParisPhotos.com or Flytographer.com.