The latest beauty trend is eyebrow transplants.

That’s a way of making eyebrows look fuller, permanently, without needing to use makeup.

Until recently, plastic surgeons say most of the people asking for eyebrow transplants were burn- and dog bite-victims, but today, requests are up 30 percent. And patients are more likely to be people who’ve over-plucked and can’t grow their eyebrows back. Or, they want to copy the “thick brow look” made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Megan Fox. Experts say it’s because “strong” eyebrows project confidence.

So, if you’re considering an eyebrow transplant, what should you know about the procedure?

  • First, it’s expensive. It costs about $3,000 per brow, and takes an average of three hours to perform.

  • It’s also painful! In fact, many patients ask to be “put under” during the surgery, because doctors have to carefully transplant hundreds of hair follicles from your head to your brows.

  • And know this: Transplanted eyebrows are harder to maintain. That’s because unlike natural brows, transplanted brows don’t stop growing.

As one woman we read about put it: Unless she trims her new brows constantly, she ends up with, quote “this old grandfather look.”