Have you heard about the outrageous new plastic surgery trend called stiletto surgery? 

It’s when a doctor surgically removes your baby toe, so your other toes have more wiggle room when you wear pointy high heels!

It sounds gruesome, but doctors from coast to coast are being flooded with stiletto surgery requests. And some experts think it could become one of the most popular new cosmetic procedures. That’s because a new study by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that almost 90 percent of women have foot problems from wearing high heels. And a procedure that makes wearing stilettos pain-free is an attractive option for a lot of fashion diehards. Plus, foot experts say, we don’t need our pinky toe for balance or walking – we can get by without it.

But cosmetic surgeons say stiletto surgery is just the latest foot plastic surgery craze. A lot of women are already getting procedures like toe shortening and foot injections.  That’s when collagen is injected into the balls of your feet so it feels like you’re walking on pillows.

But ladies, think twice before signing up for stiletto surgery! The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons warns against any type of cosmetic procedures because of the risk of complications, including infection, scarring, permanent nerve damage, and deformed toes.

So, ladies, would you get stiletto surgery? Do you think cutting off your toe to fit into a pair of heels is a good idea? Post a comment at Facebook.com/JohnTesh.