When it comes to product manufacturing and marketing, a lot of companies are thinking pink - taking “regular” versions of everything from ballpoint pens, to cars, guns and caskets, and targeting women by coloring them pink.

Like Fujitsu’s “Floral Kiss” laptop in a frosted pink color, with crystal-studded keys, and a built-in scrapbooking app. Or the BIC pens that came out - marketed as "BIC For Her" pens. What made them specifically designed for women? Just the fact that they came in pastel colors!

But a lot of women feel it’s insulting to have “girl versions” of products when women and men are supposed to be equal.  Women say they want the same things that men do - like a laptop with a long battery life - so why not sell to them based on those things, instead of pandering to them with the color pink?

The funny twist is - men DO like it when feminine items are marketed specifically to them like diet soda. A lot of men want a calorie-free soda, but equate the word 'diet' with women. That why there's Coke Zero - or Pepsi Max, in black cans that are more manly.

Men also may want a body wash - but they don't want to use a women's body wash. So, when a body wash or moisturizer is branded as a "for men" and packaged in blue and gray, they'll buy it. And just like handguns are coming out in pink and being sold to women - there's a new clothes iron for men. The electronics company Phillips found that men are doing more housework - but they still want to feel masculine. So, they designed an iron for men that's more like a power-tool - the GC4490, which offers “more power, more steam, and more performance” - with a “sleek yet rugged” design.

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