Road rage is old news, especially in big cities like Los Angeles and New York. But guess what. The BBC just published a list of the countries with the worst road rage in the world. And America didn't even make the top three! So, which countries did?

  • Well, Greece clocked in at number 3, where people shout, gesture, and honk to show their anger and frustration.
  • Number 2 was Great Britain, where angry drivers follow too closely, refuse to merge, and don't let people get off at their exit.
  • And the #1 road rage country: South Africa. In fact, 67 percent of South African motorists reported they were on the receiving end of aggression at least once in the past year. And 10 percent of aggressors actually got OUT of their vehicle, ready to fight!

Another interesting statistic: South Africans generally behaved badly during rush hour. While in the U.K., Taiwan, France and the USA, aggression was more commonly reported when people were doing errands, on vacation, or heading someplace fun.

So, which cities closer to home have the worst road rage? Again you'll be surprised. New York City wasn't even in the top ten!

#5: Los Angeles.

#4: Houston.

Third on the worst road rage list: Boston.

Followed by Washington, D.C.

And the top city for road rage in America: Miami.

So, how can you stop the road rage if you feel it getting a grip of you?

  • First, take a deep breath, turn up the tunes, and keep time with the music. Or better yet, sing along. It'll help you breathe more deeply, and burn off the adrenaline-induced stress.
  • If things are really tough, pop some spearmint or cinnamon gum. Both aromas have been proven to reduce frustration.
  • Finally, when it comes to air freshener, go for the pine! It'll help you keep your cool when the traffic is driving you CRAZY!